Verdiyev Imran Jahangir was born in 1959 in Shamkir region, Azerbaijan SSR. He graduated from Kuibyshev power installation technical school in 1985. He began to his business activity as an erector in the installation department of Transcaucasia of “Xususihidroenerjiqurashdirma” All-Union Trust in 1980. He acted as erector of hydro-aggregates in the building of stations such as Inguri HPS (1980-1981), second shift of Smolensk HPS and Dnepr-Donbass channel (1981-1982) in Georgia, Shamkir HES (1982-1983), Georgia HES (1983-1984), Zagorski HPS (1984-1985) in Azerbaijan, Kruoniss HPS in Lithuania (1985-1986). He has been chief in Yenikand installation area, then chief in Transcaucasia installation department branch from 1988 to 1992. He has been general director of “Xususihidroenerjiqurashdirma” Stock Company in Azerbaijan since 1992. He has leaded to the delivery of hydro-mechanical equipments for metal constructions of Samur-Absheron channel and Baku city bridges, installation and full repairing of Shamkir pump equipment, hydro-aggregates of Yenikand, Mingachevir and Shamkir HPS. He is honorable erector of “Xususihidroenerjiqurashdirma” trust.