Hidroenerji Gurashdirma LLC

Our institution was registered by Verdiyev Imran Jahangir as a full legal founder in September 2, 2009. It was established in the base of Caucasus branch of “Xususi Hidroenerji qurashdirma” trust. It has begun to operate independently in Xususi Hidroenerji qurashdirma with the emergence of independent Azerbaijan Republic. It continued to operate by being included to the composition of “Azerenerjitikintiqurashdirma” OJSC in 1998. The same year the construction of Yenikend HPS having 150 Megavatt power situated in Yenikand village, Shamkir region was begun. 4 vertical turbines, each of them being 37,8 Megavatt, hydro-mechanical equipments and other metal constructions have been handed over by being installed. The capital repair of turbine No 4 having 67,8 Megavatt power in Varvara HPS has begun in parallel with this work. Both capital repair-installation works have been used by being completed successfully. Furthermore, the installation of equipments, metal construction and non-standard parts in many small or large objects has been done. As an example we can show the installation works done for few bridges in Kurdamir Olympics complex and Baku city. In addition, our institution has handed over by completing the pipeline drawn to Tovuz water reservoir in size of 1200mm of diameter, 7 km of length. It has been a well-assessed project by customer and specialists. Currently our institution is operating on agreements in three construction area in parallel. Our present works in different areas are carried out in accordance with project graphics as the result of full specialist and collective work. Currently the projects we do installation are the followings: 

  1. Seyfali HPS
  2. Construction project of Gazakh Cement plant 
  3. External main water pipeline for drinkable water supply of Ganja city, Nabiaghali settlement of Samukh region and other settlements from water reservoir on Shamkir river.