Khususi Hidroenerji Gurashdirma

“Xususihidroenerjiqurashdirma” OJSC was established by Order No 208A dated 02 September 1947 of the Ministry of Power Engineering of USSR upon the Order No 12066P dated August 29, 1947 of the Ministerial Cabinet of USSR.
This institution began to operate under the Head hydro-energy construction department of the Ministry of Power engineering situated in Saint Petersburg and specialized in the installation of hydro-mechanical equipments all over the union. 
Upon the Order No 7/A dated April 29, 1981 of the Ministry of Power Engineering of USSR, different local departments of “Xususihidroenerjiqurashdirma” OJSC have been established. One of the departments of this trust has begun to operate as “Azer Sqem” OJSC in the composition of Caucasus division of Transcaucasia department. Our institution has implemented different works such as the construction of many HPS, installation of metal construction on many objects, capital repairs and etc. during 1980-1992. As an example, we can show the installation of hydro-aggregates in Shamkir HPS (1982-1983), Goergia HPS (1983-1984), Zgorski HPS (1984-1985) in Azerbaijan, Kruoniss HPS in Lithuania (1985-1986), Yenikand HPS (Azerbaijan SSR, 1988-1992).