Seyfali HPS

On the agreement dated September 05, 2009 
Supply and montage of hydro-mechanical equipments and high pressured steel coated pipeline has begun in the construction site of Shamkir region, Seyfali village, Shamkirchay Water Reservoir. The project documents of works to be done have been prepared in Moshidrostal, the design institute located in Moscow city, Russian Federation, the supply of pipeline and hydro-mechanical equipments has been done from Ukrhidromex company, manufacturer plant in Ukraine Republic. The supply of hydro-mechanical equipments in weight of 226,7 tones and steel covered pipes in the weight of 656 tones undertaken on the agreement has been brought to the construction site by being completed. Installation of hydro-mechanical equipments has been delivered to Customer by being completed fully. Full montage of the part of high pressured steel covered pipeline to the entrance of tunnel in the length of 322 m with the diameter of 4.5m has been completed by being assembling and the montage in the part deemed for assembling and installing in the tunnel is currently carrying out. In addition to the agreement, obligation for new works with Customer has been undertaken on 5 additional agreements to the main agreement, details of entrance framework, railings, and pipelines with the diameter of 1200mm, 800mm and 426mm for HPS have been delivered by being installed.