Drinkable water supply system of Ganja city, Nabiaghali settlement of Samukh region and other settlement

Installation and montage process of metal pipeline in the diameter of 1400 mm in the length of 27515 of external main water pipeline for drinkable water supply system of Ganja city, Nabi Aghali settlement of Samukh region and other settlements from water reservoirs on Shamkir river have begun on the basis of agreement dated January 05, 2012. The delivery of montage of installation of pipelines is intended by fully implementing the contractual obligation for 1 year, by planning the montage and installation of monthly 190-200 pipes, each of being 12 m. Preparation, montage and installation of all different degree rotated angled bends and pipeline armatures to be used in pipeline in addition to the agreement as the positive result of done montage-installation works have been implemented by us by being empowered to our institution with the additional agreements to the main agreement. Doing x-ray of montage works to be done on the total project in the amount of 10% has been agreed being offered by us in the framework of the obligations of our company. The x-ray of montage works has been done by Malaysian company “Oilfield Technical Inspection LTD” and Turkish company “Palme Kalite Denetim Belgelendirme Labaratuvar Hiz. Ve Eghitim LTD” ShTI on the basis of the agreement. The works related to the increase of the volume of agreement and project changes were delivered fully on June, 2013. Multiple positive comments on delivered works have been received from monitoring companies.